Craft Service for your next film, commercial or television shoot.
Whenever you are rolling, we are rolling !!!


About Us

Fuji Craft has been in the industry since 1999. However, the mother company, Sakura Sushi had opened its doors in 1963. Famous Chef Karahana has since started the first sushi catering in the east coast.

Fuji Craft is a highly skilled and experienced craft service company catering to the film, tv and commercial industry. We have honed our skills to become a leader in this fast-paced market.

Like a great director, a top-notch catering service needs to have vision, be personable, respect a budget, and exude creativity. We at The Fuji Craft Catering, pride ourselves on those very qualities. For over 12 years we’ve won applause from Production Managers and Production Coordinators in the entertainment, film and commercial industries for catering to their clients and crews with professionalism, friendly service and inspired menus.

In addition to sushi, sashmi and roll platters, our chefs make HOT meals, quick on-the-go snacks, delicious sandwiches, keep beverages on ice, and brew fresh gourmet coffee throughout the day.Our service standards are to be mindful of the vast diet preferences of you and your crew, to energize the working team towards an epic production !

Express Catering Packages (does not like the layout on the current cater-sushi.com website) says the pictures are usually not congruent with the specials would rather have the picture outside of the boxes.